At TurnoutNow, we prioritize the security and compliance of our solutions to protect our clients’ data and ensure adherence to industry standards. Our robust security framework includes encryption, regular security audits, and strict access controls to safeguard sensitive information. We are committed to maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, such as SOC2 Type-2. Our dedicated team continually monitors and updates our security protocols to address emerging threats and ensure the highest level of data protection. Trust TurnoutNow to provide secure and compliant solutions for your event tracking needs.

Compliance & Privacy

Turnoutnow is dedicated to maintaining transparency regarding the data we manage and our handling practices. For more details, please refer to TurnoutNow's Privacy Policy.



SOC 2 Type 2 is a report that evaluates an organization's non-financial controls over a specific period, focusing on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Developed by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the AICPA, it ensures that an organization has the necessary controls to protect systems and data, maintain system availability, ensure accurate processing, safeguard confidential information, and protect personal data.

TurnoutNow Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reports are independent third-party examination reports that demonstrate how TurnoutNow achieves key compliance controls and objectives. These reports help you understand the controls TurnoutNow established to support operations and compliance, and can be made available to customers on demand, providing detailed insights into our security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy controls.

Security Features

TurnoutNow provides enterprise-level security features specifically designed to protect and secure customer data.

IP Allowlist

IP Allowlisting restricts access to a specified set of IP addresses, ensuring that only calls to the TurnoutNow service originating from these approved IP addresses are accepted.

Single Sign On

TurnoutNow integrates with SSO providers such as Okta to enforce robust user authentication for its platform.

Data Masking

PII or PHI fields can be transformed upon ingestion using a one-way cryptographic hash function, ensuring that TurnoutNow only retains the hashed value and not the original PII/PHI data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

TurnoutNow natively supports strong multi-factor authentication, including TOTP, for accessing the TurnoutNow console.

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