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Wearables are the future!

Our 2nd generation product makes it possible to capture 100% of the attendee data and convert static venues into interactive environments. Everyone benefits from the data... event organizer, exhibitor, and attendee.

"TurnoutNow is like turning the lights on in a dark room." - Reggie Henry, ASAE CIO

Who it benefits

  • Event Organizers

    Event organizers get real-time, actionable insights about their events allowing them to do their job better, faster, and cheaper. When we think about the decisions being made for events, the supporting data is wildly inaccurate and heavily skewed. While registration and event mobile apps gather data about attendee interests, there’s no way to validate this data other than a costly, hourly rate personnel scanning badges at every door. Even this has its challenges and inaccuracies, and only benefits the event organizer. Affordable, low cost wearable beacons benefit everyone at the event. Keep reading to see how your exhibitors and attendees get entirely new experience that has them excited about the future of your event.

  • Exhibitors

    Exhibitors want more exposure and qualified leads to justify their event spend, and that is what we will give them. TurnoutNow captures unprecedented insights about booth performance to determine that ever elusive ROI. Exhibitors will get updates on booth traffic and the aisle traffic so they know what they missed. TurnoutNow provides a 360° view in and around the booth. In addition, all of the exhibit floor behavioral data contributes to predictive models that suggest your booth to attendees that are truly interested. This means the quality of the attendee that visits your booth is much higher and interactions will be meaningful. Plus exhibitors get all of this information when they need it, during the event.

  • Attendees

    Attendees benefit from a more targeted experience during the event. All of the behavioral data from each attendee is used to make real-time suggestions for sessions, exhibitors, and other attendees doing similar activities. The show feels much more relevant because it is – the TurnoutNow system learns and understands their needs and helps organizers and exhibitors make it all about them. Attendees also get a rich dashboard that details everything they did at the event. All too often you get back from an event and forget what you did on the first day, what sessions you attended or exhibitors visited. This information is exactly what most organizations want to see to justify why they sent the attendee to the event.

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